ISM300F2 GPS Module Evaluation Board and Kit

The Inventek ISM300UARTEVAL board is designed to evaluate the ISM300Fx family of SiRFstarIII™ 20-channel GPS receiver modules.

This evaluation kit enables you to quickly evaluate and test the performance of our GPS receiver. The Inventek Systems' software runs on your PC or Laptop via the evaluation unit USB or UART ports. This will help the user come up to speed quickly on the NMEA and SiRF Binary protocols. Software engineering can immediatley start developing GPS applications.

The GPS module is based on SiRF's latest high performance SiRFstarIII™ chip and is ideally suited for tracking applications. The evaluation kit will also be helpful in designing an embedded GPS system. As an evaluator of Inventek Systems' module, you have direct access to our engineering team to assist with your GPS needs. To access technical support please use email

The following items should be contained in this evaluation kit.  An ISM300X Evaluation board with:

The standard configuration of the ISM300UARTEVAL comes populated with the ISM300F2-C4 module. Other configurations are available upon request.

Custom software is available for the evaluation kit. Please specifiy any special request in the comment section on the online shop when ordering or contact


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