ACTPAT154-01-IP GPS Antenna

ACTPAT154 active patch gps antenna

Active GPS antenna 15.2 mm x 15.2 mm x 7.0 mm ceramic with pigtail and U.Fl connector.

Center Frequency 1.575 GHz, 3-5 VDC, with gain of 16 dB at 3 volts. Standard parts comes with a 2.5 inch mini cable and IPEX U.FL connector. Lead-free, RoHS compliant.

Product Specifications

*Custom cable length and connectors available. For a custom cable, a minimum order of 500 units is required.


  • Ideal for compact size devices
  • The elimination of RF board design
  • Easy integration
  • Connects directly on top of the ISM300Fx family of receivers


This antenna is designed for quick and easy integration into GPS-related applications – especially compact size devices – such as:

  • Hand-held Devices for Personal Positioning and Navigation
  • PDA, Pocket PC and other computing devices
  • Fleet Management / Asset Tracking
  • AVL and Location-Based Services

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