Axeda (PTC)

Connect an Inventek ISM43362 Evaluation Board to the Axeda Cloud and transmit IoT data by following these quick steps!

The scope of this document is to introduce users to Inventek System’s WICED enabled eS-WiFi (embedded serial Wi-Fi), modules and our Inventek Wireless Interoperability Network (IWIN), AT Command Set software, to connect to the Axeda cloud.


The Axeda Go Kits will guide you through the steps for creating an Axeda Developer Account, download and install sample code into your workspace, provision your development hardware platform device and showing a real Internet of Things (IoT) demo application suing device I/O capabilities. The developer experience goes on to show you how to build creative user interfaces using the Axeda data model. Finally, it shows you how to create your own IoT prototype device using the Axeda AMMP protocol and C toolkit.

axeda go kit

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