ISM420R1-C33 SiRFstar IV SIP GPS Receiver


SiRFstar IV SIP GPS Receiver Module based on CSR’s latest GSD4e chip with twice the sensitivity of the SiRFstar III.

The Inventek ISM420R1-C33 is a 48 channel global positioning system (GPS) receiver in a 9.5 x 10.5 x 2.4mm Surface Mount Device (SMD) GPS module with high sensitivity, high gain, and low power. The small form factor GPS receiver is designed for a broad spectrum of OEM applications and is based on the fast and deep GPS signal search capabilities of CSR SiRFstarIV™ architecture.

  • The module is capable of generating and storing extended ephemeris data to an external device for much faster hot starts in weak signal environments.
  • Built-in jamming detection and mitigation to permit fast and accurate navigation solutions in high noise environments.
  • Ability to use an external MEMS device for wakeup when motion is detected, thus reducing power consumption for tracking devices.
  • An addition 4 dB in tracking sensitivity and 5 dB navigation sensitivity over the world class SiRFstar III devices.
  • < 10 mW @ 1.8 volts required to maintain fixes in Trickle Power mode for the ultimate in low power requirements.

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Evaluation Board

  • ISM420-INT
  • ISM420-EVB

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This module is designed for quick and easy integration into GPS-related applications – especially compact size devices – such as:

  • Industrial Handhelds
  • Hand-held devices for personal positionaing and navigation
  • PDA, Pocket PC and other computing devices
  • Fleet Management / Asset Tracking
  • AVL and Location-Based Services
  • Cellular handsets and cameras
  • Patient/child/pet tracking
  • Fitness and sports training

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