Cypress WICED™

Inventek Systems offers a family of serial-to-WiFi modules (eS-WiFi™ family) that support Cypress WICED™ platform.  The option is available to use either Inventek’s AT Command Set firmware or Cypress WICED APIs.  When using Inventek’s AT Command Set, a low cost system microcomputer is used to send commands to the eS-WiFi module over a serial interface (UART, SPI or USB).  When using Cypress WICED platform, the on-board microcomputer is used for both the WICED firmware and system program.   In either case, the module hardware is identical and consists of a Cypress BCM43XX single chip wireless radio, embedded Cortex M3 Microcomputer and integrated antenna (or U.FL option) all on a 14.5mm x 34mm module with 44 LGA footprint or USB dongle.

WICED™ – Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices (Cypress)

Cypress Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices (WICED) platform eases the development effort and simplifies the implementation of Wi-Fi connectivity in an array of consumer devices, especially those with no current networking support.

WICED modules enable the addition of secure, interoperable Wi-Fi functionality via a simple serial port using a basic command set that does not require any significant changes in product micro-controller architectures.

eS-WiFi™ – Embedded Serial-to-WiFi Modules (Inventek Systems)

Inventek’s eS-WiFi modules build upon the WICED platform by adding another step in integration and ease of design-in.  These AT Commands allow the use of simple instructions to establish connectivity and configure the module as a client or Access Point.  Over 100 commands are now available and include a broad list of basic and advanced commands (Find, Scan, Join, Send, Receive, Run SoftAP, Direct Connect Mode, SSL Mode, etc.).

*Cypress WICED Registration Required

Cypress WICED SDK Patches by release (zip)

eS-WiFi ISM43362  Application Patch for WICED SDK2.4.

eS-WiFi ISM43362  Application Patch for WICED SDK3.1

       eS-WiFi_ISM43341 & ISM43362 Patch  for WICED-SDK 3.1.2

      eS-WiFi_ISM43341 & ISM43362 Patch for WICED-SDK 3.3.1(Windows.ZIP)

       eS-WiFi_ISM43340/1 & ISM43362 Patch for WICED-SDK 3.5.2 (Windows.ZIP)

 eS-WiFi_ISM43341 & ISM43362 Patch  for WICED-SDK 3.5.2 (Linux.ZIP)

eS-WiFi ISM4334x & ISM43362 patch for Wiced -SDK 4.0.x (

 eS-WiFi_ISM4334x, ISM43362 & ISM43903 Patch  for WICED-SDK 4.1.x (Linux.ZIP)

eS-WiFi  ISM4334x , ISM43362 & ISM43903 & Patch for Wiced -SDK 4.1.x (

eS-WiFi  ISM4334x , ISM43362 & ISM43903 & ISM4343 & ISM43907 Patch for Wiced -SDK 5.2.x (

eS-WiFi  ISM4334x , ISM43362 & ISM43903 & ISM4343 & ISM43907 Patch for Wiced -SDK 5.2.x (Linux.tar)