Wi-Fi 2.4/ 5GHz, Bluetooth, BLE & Near Field Comm SiP Module


The ISM43341-L77 quad-radio device provides the highest level of integration for wireless system, with integrated dual band (2.4 GHz/ 5 GHz) IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n single-stream, MAC/baseband/radio, Bluetooth 4.0. It also integrates a low power NFC controller.

Product Specifications:

The ISM43341 includes integrated power amplifiers, LNAs and T/R switches for the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WLAN bands, greatly reducing the external part count, PCB footprint, and cost of the solution.

This product is intended for embedded Linux/ Android applications running on qualified Host processors with a SDIO interface. This product is targeted at high volume designs with experienced Linux/Android customers.  A Software License Agreement is required for Driver support.

Product Overview

  • Wi-Fi standards, speeds and security:
    • 802.11 a/b/g/n with speeds up to 72Mbps
    • WEP(64/128-bit), WPA, WPA2 (Personal), 802.11i(AES, TKIP, 802.1x)
  • System-in-Package design, no need for external crystal oscillators or RF switches
  • Single supply voltage of 3.3VDC ±5%
  • 77 pin LGA package (13.3mm x 14.5 mm, 2 mm)
  • WLAN, Bluetooth functions:
    • Shared Single and dual-antenna support
    • WLAN host interface :4-bit SDIO for easy host interfacing
    • BT host digital interface (can be used concurrently with above interface): UART (up to 4 Mbps)
    • ECI – enhanced coexistence support, ability to coordinate BT SCO transmissions around WLAN receives
    • I²S/PCM for BT audio
    • HCI high-speed UART (H4, H4 +, H5) transport support
    • Bluetooth SmartAudio® technology improves voice and music quality to headsets
    • Bluetooth low power inquiry and page scan
    • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) support
    • Bluetooth Packet Loss Concealment (PLC)
    • Bluetooth Wide Band Speech (WBS)

    The ISM43341 supports the following NFC features:

    • Individual byte framing
    • Reader/Writer (R/W) modeActive and Passive Peer-to-Peer (P2P) mode
    • Tag/Card Emulation mode:
    • Support for battery-enabled card emulation mode
    • Support for two levels of “residual” battery-assisted card emulation mode

    Radio Only SIP Summary

    340 431 SIP driver details

    Evaluation Boards

    Rocky Mini ISM43341-L77 EVB
    ISM43340-L77 EVB


    • Internet Enabled Consumer Devices
    • M2M (Machine-to-Machine)
    • Industrial Handheld Devices
    • Asset/Inventory Management
    • POS Terminals
    • Medical Equipment
    •  Wi-Fi Enabled Security Cameras

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