AT Command Quick reference Guide


WIN AT COMMAND Quick Start guide.pdf


Command = Function OPTIONS Default Comments
Internal Access Point Commands
A0 Activate Access Point None ****** AP, DHCP, DNS, & Web Server
A1 Set AP Security Mode 0,2,3,4 0 0=Open, 2=WPA, 3=WPA2-AES,   4=WPA2 Mixed
A2 Set AP Security Key None 32 Alphanumeric Characters
AA Get AP DHCP Cached Address(es) None ******
AC Set AP Channel 0-13 0 Dependent on Country Code (0-Auto Channel 2.4.0 and above)
AD Activate AP Direct Connect Mode None ****** AP & DHCP Only
AE Exit AP Direct Connect Mode None ****** Shutdown AP and DHCP
AL Set AP DHCP Lease Time 0-255 24 C2.4.0 (0=30min, 1-255hr), C2.5.0 (0=30min, 1-254hr, 255=136yr)
AR Get RSSI of AP clients ******
AS Set AP SSID 0/1,SSID ****** 0=No MAC/1=Use Mac, 32 Alphanumeric Characters
AT Set Maximum number of Clients 1-4 4
A? Show Settings None ******
Host Interface Commands
B2 Set SPI Mode 0-3 0 0(CPHA=0,CPOL=0), 1(CPHA=0,CPOL=1), 2(CPHA=1,CPOL=0), 3(CPHA=1,CPOL=1)
B3 Select SPI Ready Pin 0-1 0 0=SDRDY(ADC0) pin, 1=SDRDY(ADC0) and WKUP pin
B? Show Setting – Comm Interface None ****** USART
Connect Commands
C0 Join network None ******
C1 Set SSID None
C2 Set Passphrase None WEP: 64: Enter 5 characters or 10 Hex digits exactly
         128: Enter 13 characters or 26 Hex digits exactly (see CE command)
63 Character:             WPA/WPA2-AES/WPA2-Mixed
64 Hex Characters: WPA-Mixed
C3 Set Security Type 0-4 None 0=Open, 1=WEP, 2=WPA, 3=WPA2-AES, 4=WPA2 Mixed
C4 Set DHCP TRUE/FALSE TRUE 0 = False, 1 = True
C5 Set IP Version IPv4/IPv6 IPv4 0 = IPv4, 1=IPv6
C8 Set Gateway XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX
CB Set Join Retries 1 – 10 * 1.3.5 – 5, 2.4.0 – 2
CC Auto Connect/Reconnect 0-3 Disable 0=Disabled, 1=Connect, 2=Reconnect, 3=Both (2 & 3 C2.5.0 and higher)
Note: Network info must by save to flash pior to power off (‘Z1’ command)
CD Disconnect from Network None ******
CE Set Authorization Type 0/1 0 0=Open, 1=Shared Key
CF Set/Clear Packet Filter XX 00 00=Off, 01=ARP, 02=SNMP, 40=IPv4, 80=Multicast
CJ Join/Leave IGMP Group X,XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX None 0=Leave/1=Join,IP Address
CM Add/Remove MAC to/from Mcast List 0/1,XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX ****** 0=Remove, 1=Add
CN Set Country Code XX US See Country Code Table
CR Get RSSI of attached AP None ****** 0=Not join to network, RSSI otherwise
CS Get Connection Status None ****** 0=Not Connected, 1=Connected
CT Set WPS Push Button GPIO #/!/? Or 0-9,0-1 ****** <#-Clear/!-Status/?-Info or pin(0-9), mode(0-Push,1-Set Status)> Set WPS PB pin
CW Connect using WPS Pin/PBC 0/1 ****** 0=Pin, 1=PBC(Push Button Configuration)
C? Show Settings None ******
DNS Commands
D0 DNS Look up ****** <0-63> Alphanumeric Characters
D1 Set mDNS state and name 0/1,Device Name(32 Chars)
D2 Set mDNS services 0/1,Instance,Service,Port,TTl <0/1>,<Instance(32 chars)>,<Service(32 Chars),<Port>,<TTl>
USB Commands
E2 HID Keep-alive enable Disable/Enable 0 0=Disabled, 1=Enabled
Find Networks Commands
F0 Find Networks None ******
F1 Set Repeat 0-255 0
F2 Set Delay 0-5000 ms 1000
F3 Set Scan Channel 0=none, 1-14 1
F5 Set Scan SSID SSID(32 Chars) #-Clear
F? Show Settings None ******
GPIO/ADC Commands
G2 Read GPIO/ADC Pin #,Type ****** Types: 2=Button, 3=Digital Input, 5 =ADC
G3 Write GPIO Pin #,Type,Value ****** Types: 1=LED, 4=Digital Output
G4 GPIO Setup Pin #,Type ****** Types: 1=LED, 2=Button, 3=Digital Input, 4=Digital Output, 5=ADC
GT Get UTC Time None ****** Must be connected to network with internet access
G? Show Settings None ******
Help Commands
? Show Help None ******
Information Commands
I? Show Revision Information None ******
Message Commands
MF Test External Serial Flash None ****** Erase/Write/Read/Verify test
MR Message Read (SPI Only) None ****** Read asynchronous event messages
MS Suppress Async Message – DHCP 0/1 0 0=Normal/1=Suppress
MT Set Message Type 0/1 0 0=Normal/1=Simple
Protocol Commands
P0 Set Socket 0-3 0 Sets the communication socket (P1-P8 are stored for each socket)
P1 Set Transport protocol 0-2 0 0 – TCP, 1 – UDP, 2 – UDP LITE, 3 – TCP-SSL (2.4.0 and above)
P2 Set Local Port 0-65536 None
P3 Remote Host IP Address XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX None
P4 Remote Port 0-65536 None
P5 Stop/Start TCP Server 0-1 0 0 – stop, 1 – start
P6 Stop/Start TCP Client 0-1 0 0 – stop, 1 – start
P7 Start/Stop Request TCP Accept 0-3 0 0 – stop, 1 – start Accept loop, 2 – close current socket, 3 – Next TCP Accept Request
P8 Listen backlog 0-30 8
P9 Certification Verification 0/1/2 0 0-None,1-Optional,2-Required
PA Set Custom CA Name 0/1,Name Index(0/1),64 character Name
PB Root CA Verfication Result 0-Terminate SLL conection, 1-Error message, No termination
PC Security Certificates 0/1,R/W\r<Write Data> ****** Read/Write Security Certificates
PD Security Keys 0/1,R/W\r<Write Data> ****** Read/Write Security Keys
PK TCP Keep-alive 0/1,250-7200000 1-OFF 0(Enable)/1(Disable), 250-7200000 ms
PR Packet Read, Ethernet 0-4 0 0 – Off, 1 – All, 2 – non-ARP, 3 – Copy, 4 – Copy non-ARP
PS Raw Ethernet Packet Statistics None ****** Avaible only when using PR/PW commands
PT USB HID RX Sequencing 0/1 0 – Off, 1 – On
PW Packet Write, Ethernet None ****** Host_Network_Ethernet_Data_Packet
Format: PW=<Number of bytes>\r<Data bytes>
PX UART Streaming 0/1,0-9 ****** 0 = Server, 1 = Client,0-9 Exit Streaming gpio pin
PY Set TCP API Message Timeout #/?/0-65535 10000 #-Restore Default, 0 – 65535, ?-Info
P? Show Settings None ******
Receive Data Commands
R0 Receive Data None
R1 Set Data Packet Size 1 – 1460
R2 Receive Timeout 0 – 30000 ms
R3 Receive Mode 0/1 0 0 = Normal, 1 = No Timeout/No Data message
R? Show Settings None ******
Send Data Commands
S0 Send Data None
S1 Set Data Packet Size 1 – 1460
S2 Send Timeout 0 – 30000 ms
S3 Send Data with Packet Size 1-1460 None XXXX=Packet Size\r<Data>
S? Show Settings None ******
Ping Commands
T0 Ping None
T1 Set Target Address XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX None
T2 Set Repeat 0-65535 0 C2.5.0 (0 – 65534, 65535=Continuous(ctrl-c to exit))
T3 Set Delay 0-5000ms 0
T? Show Settings None ******
UART Commands
U0 Activate Change None ******
U2 Set BAUD Rate 1200 – 2073600 115200 1200,2400,4800,9600,19200,38400,57600,115200,230400,460800,921600,
1152000,1382400,1612800,1843200,2073600 (M3G Only)
U? Show Settings None ******
WLAN Commands
WL Set WLAN Link/Activity LEDs #/? Or 0-9,0-9,0/1 ****** #-Clear/?-Info or Link LED(0-9), Acitivity LED(0-9),Polarity(0=AL/1=AH)
Systems Factory Modes
Z0 Reset to Factory Defaults None ****** Restores current setting to factory default
Z1 Save Current Settings None ****** Saves current settings based upon setting from Z3 command
Z2 Clear Saved Settings None ****** Based upon setting from Z3 command, Will not clear factory space when locked.
Z3 Set Factory/User Space 0/1 Factory 0= Factory Space, 1=User Space, factory space locked by ZF Command
Z4 Set MAC Address FS/US XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX 00:22:F4:09:0E:08 Set MAC address
Z5 Get MAC Address Get current MAC address
Z6 Set AP IP Address FS/US XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX Set Access Point address
Z7 Set WPS Pin Number FS/US XXXXXXXX 12345678 Set WPS pin (WPS feature to be added in future release)
Z8 Get WPS Pin Number FS/US Get current WPS pin (WPS feature to be added in future release)
Z9 Set USB VID/PID FS/US XXXX,XXXX Set USB Vendor ID/Product IP (Ex. 0A5C, 43FA)
ZC Clear Factory Switch Unset, bit7 = 0 ****** ***** EVB Onlys, Not in production releases *****
ZD Flash Dump 0,1 Dump based upon setting from Z3 command
ZF Set Factory Switch Set, bit7 = 1 ****** Once Set FS settings are locked
ZN Set Product Name None Inventek Systems eS-WiFi 40 Characters + NULL
ZO OTA Firmware Update None ****** <1 – 128>\r<URL Bytes(http://domain:port/bin_file_path)>
ZP Power Management Feature, Enable/Disable/Interval Feature: 0 – WiFi On/Power Save OFF, 1 – Power Save Mode,
               2 – Beacon Listen Interval (1-60), 3 – WiFi OFF,
               4 – WiFi Reset, ? PM Status
5 – Stop Mode
6 ,n – Sleep (0 to 3600000) in ms (C2.5.0 and above)
ZR Reset Module None ****** Software controlled reset.
ZS Get Module Serial Number None
ZT Set Serial Number 16 characters ******
ZU Firmware Upgrade None ****** Starts firmware upgrade using internal bootloader
ZV Set OTA Method None ****** 0-Local(via SoftAP), 1-Internet Server, 2-KCD Server
Z? Show State None ****** Based upon setting from Z3 command
$$$ Enter CMD Mode None ****** Human readable responses
Exit CMD Mode None ****** Machine readable responses
FS Factory Switch feature
* Not Supported, but does not return an error.
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