Streaming Mode C code

streaming mode runs on our eS-Wifi modules. Streaming Mode allows raw, un-formatted data to be sent to and from our modules over Wi-Fi via the serial port.
Data shows up on the UART and automatically streams wireless as either a client or a server. You need to perform simple initial AT command setup to define the mode and anything that shows up on the UART automatically is sent.

Here is a simple setup procedure for: Client Setup

Plug your eS-Wifi module into the PC and start a terminal program (Teraterm) default baud rate is 115,200 to communicate with the module. Also open Hercules as a server connected to the same network network.

1. Join the eS-WiFi module to a network using AT commandsstreaming mode

• C1= SSID \r
• C2= Password \r
• C3= 0 \r
• C0 \r

2. P0=0\r

3. P3=192.168.1.xx\r

4. P4=8002

5. S1=7

6. S2=1000

7. PX= 1,0

“Client must initiate first”

Type away… data streams anything that shows up on the UART!!! Type” Inventek eZ-SM Streaming Mode is so cool”

Server Setup:

You need to add the following command for Server Mode:
P2=8002  Sets Local Port
PX=0,0 Server Mode

PX=0{0=Server Mode;1=Client Mode},GPIO


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