Enhanced Navigation Performance SiRF III GPS module

Inventek Systems ISM300F1-C3 and ISM300F1-C4 product launch

The Inventek ISM300x is a 20-channel Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver module (C4 is SBAS enabled) offered in an extremely compact Surface Mount Device (SMD) module form factor The module provides high sensitivity, high gain, and low power. It is designed for a broad spectrum of OEM applications and is based on the fast and deep GPS signal search capabilities of the SiRFStarIII architecture.

Enhancements include:

Enhanced Navigation

  • Improved cross-correlation detection
  • Altered search strategy for improved weak-signal acquisition
  • Improved positioning results, particularly in transitional environments
  • Improved EGNOS

Improved Jamming Mitigation

  • Better identification and dismissal of jamming signals through enhanced Carrier Wave (CW) detection.

Improved Ephemeris Availability

  • Incremental ephemeris collection allowing quicker time-to-first-fix (TTFF)
  • Improved ephemeris collection under challenging dynamics (Movement)

Flexible Power Control

  • Improved hardware “on/off” control – 10uA mode
  • For implementations that do not include hardware “on/off” control, software can now be used to turn off the receiver


This module is designed for quick and easy integration into GPS-related applications – especially compact size devices – such as:

  • Hand-held Devices for Personal Positioning and Navigation
  • PDA, Pocket PC and other computing devices
  • Fleet Management / Asset Tracking
  • AVL and Location-Based Services

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