Production Release Of Sirf GPS Modular Solutions

Westford, MA, February 27, 2007 – Inventek Systems, introduces its release of SiRFstar III GPS Modules.

Inventek Systems successful launch of the new extremely small surface mount GPS receiver family – ISM300x.

Inventek Systems, LLC, a market leader in location awareness and location intelligence design and manufacturing services recently announced that the company is now a new SiRF VAM (Value Added Manufacturer). The SiRFstarII and SiRFstarIII modules are based on Global Positioning System (GPS), technology. The same technology used to guide everything from car navigation systems to handheld devices used by backpackers. Created by the U.S. military, GPS uses more than 24 satellites in orbit around the earth to provide always-on location information free of charge to any GPS receiver, anywhere in the world.

Inventek’s ISM300x Module is based on the market leading, high sensitivity SiRFstarIII chip set (GSC3x). The ISM300x is a 20-channel Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver module offered in an extremely compact Surface Mount Device (SMD) module form factor. The module provides high sensitivity, high gain, and low power. It is designed for a broad spectrum of OEM applications and is based on the fast and deep GPS signal search capabilities of the SiRFstarIII architecture with its 200,000 correlators.

Benefits include Low cost, Low Power, High Sensitivity , a very unique and patent pending RF Shield to maximize performance while minimizing EMI, an 18mmx18mm design (Integrated RF connector supports and powers an external active antenna) – small but not small enough to risk significant manufacturing and test issues.

Inventek’s ISM200x Module is a very cost effective module based on market proven SiRFstarII chip set (GSC2x). The ISM200x provides plug and play 12 Channel support, low cost, and is a fully functional module. The DIP format makes manufacturing, assembly and test quick and easy for embedded applications. The module is a full featured GPS solution and maintains the technical specification of the SiRFstarII architecture.

Features include Signal acquisition using 1920 time/frequency search channels, SBAS (WAAS and EGNOS) and DGPS support, Cold start under 45 seconds and is compatible with SiRFXTrac®. This module is designed for quick and easy integration into cost sensitive GPS-related applications – especially compact/portable devices such as: Hand-held Devices for Personal Positioning, recreational devices, Asset Tracking and other computing devices.

As the GPS solutions continue to proliferate across a multitude of applications and market segments, the Inventek team with its extensive experience in developing and supporting GPS and wireless products provides an excellent avenue for customer engagements in North America,” said Kanwar Chadha, Founder and Vice President of Marketing for SiRF. “We are pleased to add Inventek to our VAM program to help us accelerate the time to market for a broad range of GPS enabled products.

Inventek’s proven consultative sales and support expertise in combination with an extremely compelling development team comprised of over 100 years of experience in Complex Systems, RF, and Wireless applications development at the architectural level truly differentiates our value proposition.

From the conceptual definition phase all the way through to production qualified solutions, learn more about how Inventek can help you “Invent Your Tomorrow Today”

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