eS-WiFi : Serial to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC Combo Modules

IWIN AT Command Software Support Page  for the eS-WiFi serial modules in the footprint compatible “L44”  Form Factor:

  • ISM43362-M3G-L44-xxx
  • ISM43340-M4G-L44-xxx,
  • ISM43341-M4G-l44-xxx
  • ISm4390-Mx-L44-xxx
  • ISM34x-USB Dongle

AT Commands Overview, Code Examples, User Manual, OTA Instructions, Firmware , PC Software and Demos

Inventek Systems IWIN Command Software and Support Feature Image

Download Firmware IWIN AT Command Firmware for the eS-WiFi and  Bluetooth combination modules.

Archived Firmware IWIN AT Command Firmware archive for the eS-WiFi and Bluetooth combination modules.

WICED Broadcom Patches for the Inventek hardware running in the Broadcom Wiced environment. This patch will install the Inventek platforms automatically.

GPS Modules


SiRF Demo (download zip file)

More information can be found here at the Customer FAQ’s

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