ISM78G1D Bluetooth Low Energy SIP

The ISM78G1D-L31 module is an embedded wireless Bluetooth low energy (BLE) connectivity device, based on the Renesas RL78/G1D microcomputer incorporating the RL78 CPU core and low power consumption RF transceiver supporting the Bluetooth ver 4.1 (Low Energy Single mode) specifications.

The ISM78G1D-L31 offers a RL78 CPU core is a 3-stage pipeline CISC architecture with an integrated BLE radio, on-board chip antenna, and 256KB ROM. The module provides a number of features and standard peripheral interfaces, enabling simple BLE connection for an embedded design. The low cost, small foot print, 11mmx13mm 31-Pin LGA package and ease of design-in make it ideal for a range of embedded applications. (more…)