ISM480F1 48 channel GPS Receiver

The Inventek ISM480F1 is a 48 channel global positioning system (GPS) receiver with an integrated 15x15x4 mm ceramic patch antenna with high sensitivity, high gain, and  low power. The small form factor GPS receiver is based on the fast and  deep GPS signal search capabilities of CSR, SiRFstarIV™ architecture.

  • The module is capable of generating and storing extended ephemeris data to an external device for much faster hot starts in weak signal  environments.
  • Built-in jamming detection and mitigation to permit fast and accurate navigation solutions in high noise environments.
  • Default output is SPI (Slave).
  • An addition 4 dB in tracking sensitivity and 4 dB navigation sensitivity over the world class SiRFstar III devices.



USB GPS Dongle, Plug and Play. Works with most GPS software programs that conform to the NMEA-0183 Standard. Most mapping software packages will work with the EZ-GPS-G. The output is set at 4800 baud, NMEA. The EZ-GPS is based on the Media Tek radio in the Inventek GPS module part number ISM3333-C6.1. (more…)