We have been using Inventek’s GPS modules for a couple years. We have been impressed with the small footprint and the reliability of Inventek products. Inventek, requires short lead-times and are very responsive to questions and tech support.
Arlyn Bonen, AgSense, LLC

Inventek has far exceeded our expectations as a technology supplier. Inventek was truly proactive in helping our engineering team achieve the solution for our end customers. Inventek is truly in the forefront of customer engagement and customer satisfaction when it comes down to it. They have some passionate personnel that thrive on seeing their customers be successful with Inventek’s GPS technologies.
James Lee, Sr. Engineer, Augmentix Corp.

LXE’s decision to use Inventek allowed us to easily implement a very competitive and efficient GPS system with minimal external support and components. When we were having system problems, Inventek personnel also applied their expertise in system level GPS applications to get us quickly to the point of realizing that we had antenna problems.  Inventek went beyond module support to help us in finding the optimum antenna solution. We are very pleased to be working together with Inventek Systems.
Len Cayce, Senior Engineer, LXE

The ISM300x GPS receiver worked really well for our atmospheric research balloons. It may not have been exactly the lowest power choice according to published specs (although it was very close), but the 1-second hot-start time made power consumption negligible for our application. The receiver has been flown in several research campaigns, and, had it been available previously, would have reduced our battery weight for many earlier balloon projects. Inventek Systems has made the SirfStarIII technology quite accessible. The powered RF connector plug on top of a SMD package was an ingenious idea and allowed us to proceed without any RF design. The package is also easily soldered by hand – an essential feature for small research labs.
Tom Hartley, Smith College

Condumex is extremely impressed with Inventek Systems. The Inventek R&D team exceeded all expectations in developing a GPS solution for our requirements. Inventek’s expertise, consultation and execution enabled Condumex to provide a very compelling and competitive solution for our customers.
Antonio Cárdenas, Researcher at Telecom Lab, Condumex Inc.

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