New Broadcom Based Serial-to-WiFi Module for the Internet-of-Things

Feb. 13, 2013 – As the adoption rate of embedded Wi-Fi  continues to surge, Inventek Systems is enabling this connectivity trend by offering FCC certified, easily integrated serial-to-WiFi modules that only require simple AT Commands for programming. The module is an ideal solution for manufacturers who are looking to add wireless connectivity to their products but do not have extensive WiFi and RF experience.

The ISM43362-M3G L44 is enabled with Broadcom Corporation’s Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices (WICEDTM) architecture. It supports 802.11 b,g,n  Wi-Fi connectivity and can be configured by sending simple commands over the serial host interface (UART, SPI or USB).

The simple- to- use AT Command Set significantly reduces the development and integration effort for design engineers to add WiFi connectivity to their products.The ISM43362-M3G- L44 module hardware includes the Broadcom BCM43362 IEEE 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi System-on-Chip (SOC) component and STMicroelectronics 32-bit ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller.

This STM32 microcontroller hosts the networking application software including the TCP/IP network stack and Inventek’s customized AT Command set firmware.Inventek Systems offers a family of serial-to-WiFi modules (eS-WiFi™ family) that support Broadcom Corporation’ s WICED™ platform.  The option is available to use either Inventek’s AT Command Set firmware or Broadcom’s WICED APIs.  When using Inventek’s AT Command Set, a low cost system microcomputer is used to send commands to the eS-WiFi module over a serial interface (UART, SPI or USB).  When using Broadcom’s WICED platform, the on-board microcomputer is used for both the WICED firmware and system program.

In either case, the module hardware is identical and consists of a Broadcom BCM43XX single chip wireless radio, embedded Cortex M3 Microcomputer and integrated antenna (or U.FL option) all on a 14.5mm x 30mm module with 44 LGA footprint or USB dongle.

Inventek’s eS-WiFi modules build upon the WICED platform by adding another step in integration and ease of design-in.  These AT Commands allow the use of simple instructions to establish connectivity and configure the module as a client, Access Point or web server and to send and receive data. Over 100 commands are now available and include a broad list of basic and advanced commands (e.g. Find, Scan, Join, Send, Receive, Run SoftAP, Direct Connect Mode, SSL Mode, etc.).

The ISM43362-M3G- L44 eS-WiFi module development kits are available now from Arrow ( ) for $199. In volume production, the module is priced in the low to mid teens. For more information contact Inventek.

Texim Europe and Inventek Systems Sign European Distribution Agreement for Wi-Fi and GPS Modules

Billerica, Massachusetts, October 24, 2012:

Texim-Europe ( and Inventek Systems today announced a European distribution agreement for Inventek’s complete wireless portfolio of Broadcom based 802.11 Wi-Fi modules and CSR/SiRF GPS modules.

Texim-Europe will distribute Inventek System’s portfolio of high-performance, low-power, Broadcom-based Wi-Fi modules offering an FCC/CE certified Wi-Fi solution with simple embedded serial-to-WiFi connectivity. With an on-board microcomputer running the networking protocols including the TCP/IP stack, seamless connectivity is accomplished using simple AT Commands. Inventek’s Wi-Fi modules are an ideal solution for manufacturers who are looking to add wireless connectivity to their products but do not have extensive Wi-Fi and RF experience. The adoption rate of Wi-Fi embedded connectivity is surging and includes applications such as home appliances, healthcare equipment, industrial control and cloud based services.

Texim-Europe will also distribute Inventek System’s line of compact global positioning system (GPS) modules based on CSR/SiRFstarIV GPS technology. These modules offer industry-leading size, sensitivity, low-power and fast location-fix performance. The module family is optimized for size and battery constrained applications and are offered with and without an integrated ceramic patch antenna.

“Texim-Europe’s world-class sales and engineering expertise gives us an important sales channel for servicing the European marketplace at a critical stage of our growth. Their focus on embedded systems and wireless communication is a perfect match for our product lines. With the rapidly expanding demand for embedded Wi-Fi and GPS solutions, we look forward to jointly supporting and expanding our penetration into the European market with the Texim-Europe team.” said Martin Tierney, Chief Executive Officer for Inventek Systems.

“Texim-Europe is focused on providing connectivity services and solutions for the rapidly growing M2M / IoT systems market. Inventek Systems provides our customer base with a fast and easy way to embed WiFi connectivity and GPS capability into their products using leading edge technology from Broadcom and CSR/SiRF.”, said Helmoed Gasthuis, Sales and Marketing Manager for Texim-Europe.

About Texim-Europe

Having started its first activities back in 1962, Texim Europe has gained massive experience in Electronic Components and Sub-systems Distribution and is now present in the Benelux, Germany, Austria, UK and in the Nordic area. Texim Europe has rapidly become the reliable Technology and Supply Chain Solution Provider of choice for customers developing & producing Electronic Applications.

The head office and State-of-the-Art Logistics Centre is located in Haaksbergen, the Netherlands from which customers in every part of the World are served. Texim Europe is part of TKH Group NV, a 1 Billion euro Dutch public company, with a strong position in the Telecom, Building and Industrial Solutions market segments.

About Inventek Systems, Inc.

Inventek Systems is a USA-based, full-service wireless solutions provider focused on 802.11 WiFi embedded solutions, GPS embedded modules and antennas. A wide spectrum of standard and custom embedded products is offered ranging from low cost system-in-a-package (SiP) products to modular based custom solutions. Inventek provides a unique set of services from consulting to custom design to cost effective high volume manufacturing.

Inventek Systems products are used in a wide range of consumer, industrial, and defense based applications. Inventek’s eS-WiFi and GPS products are enabling customers around the world to add WiFi connectivity and GPS features at a quickening pace with minimal design effort.

eS-WiFi Module Software Enabled Access Point

The eS-WiFi family of module products has a powerful built in SoftAP function that allows customers to easily command the eS-WiFi module to join a network for the growing number of machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications in the home and in the enterprise. 

The SoftAP function can also be used as well for setting up setup peer-to-peer (P2P) networks and applications such as On-the-Go gaming. The module’s infrastructure mode AP allows both iOS and Android based devices to easily

The eS-WiFi modules are wireless LAN modules that are typically embedded into devices/appliances that connect to home networks, Wi-Fi hot spots, and workplace networks. These devices operate as a station (STA) which can connect to a single wireless router/access point (AP) that is typically hardwired at a fixed location.

The eS-WiFi family of 802.11 b/g/n modules have an embedded microcontroller running a fully integrated TCP/IP stack and a simple to use AT command set.  One of the features described in this application note is the implementation of a Soft Access Point (SoftAP) technology which enables an eS-WiFi module to behave like a wireless AP.

SoftAP Overview

The Inventek eS-WiFi modules are offered with a complete TCP/IP stack and require only a simple AT command over the USB, UART or SPI interface to communicate with the module. In a typical embedded application, a simple 8/16/32 bit microcontroller is used to send the AT command to initiate a SoftAP.  Once the AP is started other devices (users) can join the network and be connected as a client on that network.

Use cases of the SoftAP:

Use Case 1:  Joining a Local Area Network using the SoftAP

You have an embedded product and you want to configure that product to join a network (See Figure 1). One way, to make this happen, is to have the eS-WiFi automatically power up as an Access Point. 

The user can use a PC, tablet or any smartphone to view the AP and type in the SSID and Password. After the user, selects “Join” the Access Point is closed and the eS-WiFi module subsequently turns off the AP and joins the network as a client.

use case diagram for connecting eS WiFi module

Following is the procedure required to implement this use case:

  • Use the “A0” command to activate the SoftAP:
    • i.      Access Point is activated.
    • ii.      DHCP is activated.
    • iii.      Web server is activated.
    • iv.      DNS is activated.
  • Select ” Join” on the Webpage to connect the eS-WiFi module to the selected network:
    • i.      Access Point shuts down.
    • ii.      DHCP shuts down.
    • iii.      DNS shuts down.

The module has now joined the selected network as a client/appliance device.

eS-WiFi Configuration Access Point User Interface

Note: There is also an AT command for changing the name of the Configuration Access Point to identify a specific customer product name or company name, e.g. change “Inventek” to “ABC Corp.”

The user also has the ability to manually enter the information to join a network as well.

SoftAP Manual Join screen shots:

eS-WiFi Access Point User Interface for Manual Join

Use Case 2: Direct Connection to the SoftAP

You have embedded the eS-WiFi module into a printer system or interface box and configured it as a SoftAP that allows smartphones/ PC’s and other devices to make a “Direct Connection” via the eS-WiFi SoftAP function (See Figure 2). The SoftAP enables file transfers, file sharing, printing, and information exchange between as many as 8 clients (STAs). This is all accomplished without the use of a fixed AP.

One way to facilitate this senario is to have the eS-WiFi automatically power up as a SoftAP that a user can view using a PC or any smartphone and selects “Direct Connect” on the eS-WiFi SoftAP web server.  As soon as the user selects “Direct Connect” the Access Point remains running and the client (STA) is connected to the eS-WiFi SoftAP.  This allows WLAN devices to easily connect without the need for a fixed AP and supports WiFi M2M communication and ON-The-GO connections for printing and file sharing.

use case diagram for Direct Connection to the SoftAP

Figure 2:  Use Case 2 – Running eS-WiFi module as SoftAP

Following is the procedure required to implement this use case:

  1. Use the “A0” command to activate the SoftAP:
    • i.      Access Point is activated.
    • ii.      DHCP is activated.
    • iii.      Web server is activated.
    • iv.      DNS is activated.
  2. User selects ” Direct Connect” on the broadcasted Webpage:
    • i.      Access Point continues to run and manage the SoftAP.
    • ii.      DHCP continues to run.
    • iii.      Web server is shutdown, but SoftAP remains visible.

Multiple clients may now connect to the SoftAP.

In summary the “Direct Connection” allows the embedded eS-WiFi to run as a SoftAp with the following capabilities:

  • Supports Client-to-Client (M2M) connections.
  • Supports Client-to-Device/Appliance connections.
  • Supports Eight Simultaneous Connections.
  • Full interoperability.

4.0  SoftAP Features Summary



Stations Supported

ISM4319 – Two          ISM43362 – Five

SSID Broadcast





Open (WEP /WPA-PSK in development)