AT Command TCP/UDP Demo Script

PC based Python Script example to Send and Received Wi-Fi data over an UART using the IWIN  AT Command.

  • Use SoftAP to join Network as client either or use SoftAP for Configuration or to configure manually (see Join Network section)
  • Set the Protocol and Remote IP address (see Setup and Start TCP Client section)
  • Download terminal program Hercules
    • Setup Hercules as a TCP Server or client and set Remote Port IP address with “P3” At command.
    • Determine if your server will echo back what it has been sent?
    • The TCP and UDP servers can be set to echo back what they receive
    • Set server Echo to “1” if echoing, “0” if not.
    • For highest throughput when using Hercules right click in the “Receive data” and select “Hide Receive Data”
  • Plug in a EVK board (Please note will have needed to install drivers for the board using the PC eS-WiFi Demo software)

# #  Copyright: (c) Inventek Systems, LLC. 2014



eS-WiFi TCP/UDP Demo V.0.5

Portable Python

Hercules SETUP Utility

Windows PC eS-WiFi Demo software

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