TCP Client and TCP Server Android Demo Application

The source code for the Android App we created to do TCP Client and TCP Server Communications that can work with our WiFi Modules or any TCP device..  Also, attached is an APK file that can be installed on an Android Phone.

This is a simple Android App for TCP client and server communications. It uses threads to manage the TCP communications.

Both client and server functionality of the application is supported.

The app has been tested on the Android Simulator (client only works), and a Samsung Galaxy S6 (client and server works).

  • For TCPclient (app) to TCP server (WiFi module), you enter :
    • the ip address and port number.  Ex. Where 8002 is the port address


  • For TCP server (app) to TCP client(WiFi module), you only need to enter the port number in the app.  The app will bind all available ip address on the server side.

Android Application 4.2

The app was developed on a Linux computers using Android Studio v3.14.


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