Over the Air Update (OTA)

Over the Air (OTA) Updates

The AT command “ZO” to automatically downloads and install a new firmware image (Firmware 2.5 or greater supports over the air updates).  Your design requires that you have a UART and connected an external flash memory device off the eS-WiFi module SPI device for this update. There are several additional options to update your IoT device as detailed in the table. Several eS-WiFi modules modules have on board flash for this update, please check the specification.OTA Matrix

ZO – OTA Firmware Update URL

Set the OTA firmware update URL, return number of bytes received from host and then performs the OTA update. It can be used with your cloud service . The URL is in the form http://<domain or IP address>:<port>/<file path> . Can us either a 1MB or a 2MB SPI Flash device. If a 1MB SPI Flash is used there is no backup Factory Application to restore if need be. Also, if you plan to put flash on your board please see qualified flash suppliers below or contact us for approval.

Use the At command:  ZO=<Number of bytes>\r<URL(http://domain:port/bin_file_path)> up to 128 characters>

Note that the update firmware is different than the *.bin firmware image. The OTA update firmware (*.elf) only updates the application and will not change any of the parameters you may have saved in user space.

Attached is the C. Update Firmware Images for the ISM43362-M3G-L44 and the ISM43340-M4G-L44. Note: OTA upgrades are only supported within the Firmware base release, for example 2.X firmware can not be upgraded to 3.X firmware

ISM43362-M3G-L44   UART : C3.5.2.3_update.zip (Unzip and rename to .elf)

ISM43362-M3G-L44       SPI : C3.5.2.3_update.zip (Unzip and rename to .elf)

ISM4340/1-M4G-L44   UART : C3.5.2.3_update.zip (Unzip and rename to .elf)

ISM4340/1-M4G-L44     SPI :   C3.5.2.3_update.zip(Unzip and rename to .elf) readme Updates.txt IWIN Command Updates.txt

File Download to HOST

Down load a file for host flash and update your host or use a boot loader to load update eS-WiFi module.The attached Python code example will do the following:  eS-WiFi_TCP-UDP_File_Download_to_Host_Demo_v0.2a

  1.  Setup the UART port
  2. Connect to your network
  3.  Do a dns lookup on HTTP web site
  4. Setup eS-WIFI WLAN
  5. Send a “GET” request to Download the file to your PC
    over UART into the Python folder
  6.  Close

Approved Flash for OTA:

The build does not have support for the W25Q16JL (16Mb/2MB) part due to the voltage being 2.5V device. Here is the list of supported devices:

SFLASH_ID_MX25L8006E           ( (uint32_t) 0xC22014 )

SFLASH_ID_MX25L1606E           ( (uint32_t) 0xC22015 )

SFLASH_ID_MX25L6433F           ( (uint32_t) 0xC22017 )

SFLASH_ID_MX25L25635F          ( (uint32_t) 0xC22019 )

SFLASH_ID_MX25U1635F           ( (uint32_t) 0xC22535 )

SFLASH_ID_MX66U51235F          ( (uint32_t) 0xC2253A )

SFLASH_ID_SST25VF080B          ( (uint32_t) 0xBF258E )

SFLASH_ID_EN25QH16             ( (uint32_t) 0x1C3015 )

SFLASH_ID_ISSI25CQ032          ( (uint32_t) 0x7F9D46 )

SFLASH_ID_N25Q512A             ( (uint32_t) 0x20BB20 )

SFLASH_ID_ISSI25LP064          ( (uint32_t) 0x9D6017 )

SFLASH_ID_N25Q064A             ( (uint32_t) 0x20BA17 )

SFLASH_ID_W25Q64FV             ( (uint32_t) 0xEF4017 )


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