Check you PC device manager screen to see if you have two WICED ports:

  1. Wiced USB Serial Comm Port
  2. libusbK Usb Devices>WICED USB JTAG Port.

Unplug and re-plug the EVB after installing the CYW9WCD1EVAL1 driver?

The Inventek eS WiFi  Demo Program can be used to install the FTDI drivers.

Run the program as administrator  and if you have issues you can remove the latest driver and try the legacy driver.

Also has a debug option for JTAG that can help us find the problem.


Alos confirm that Load vCP is checked


The Inventek AT Commands only support BLE and do NOT support BT2.1+EDR.

However,  the Cypress WICED SDK and the CYW4343 radio do support this.

Since our ISM4343 module can be used with either the Cypress WICED SDK or with Inventek AT Commands it can be used in your application if you use the WICED SDK.

Following is a link to the Cypress SDK.


Yes,  1,000 units are required for a custom length.

Yes the AT Command set is the same for both modules.

We also have a pin compatible module;  ISM4343-WBM-L54-C.

The reference certification uses a 4 layer PCB and the Inventek chip antenna with a keep out area of ~5x7mm.

The reference antenna specification is  W245-SC Dual Band Wi-Fi antenna , a 3.2 x 1.6 x 0.5 mm (2400-2500) & (4900-5900) MHz Chip antenna

If are using WICED, the best source of support is the WICED Community:

If you plan to use Inventek AT Commands rather than WICED we have manuals and examples of our AT command set called IWIN.

Yes, our  USB powered BLE-WiFi bridge dongle. This dongle uses the CYW43340 dual-band radio and STM32F405 microcontroller and can be used for WICED development.

This is a new product that we will be ramping to production Q2 2020.

The WiFi radio part number is CYW43340XKUBG

After installing the Inventek WICED SDK patch for the ISM4343-WBM-L54 devkit, the patch for WICED studio development is located here:

These are the platform files for each particular module.

Add the following line to ISM43340_M4G_L44.mk file after: GLOBAL_DEFINES += SYSCLK144

Yes, Stacks run concurrently when using WICED. They will both be in the same app.

ISMART4343C-EVB is the EVB for the ISM4343-WBM-L151C module.

Yes the AT Commands work the same for the ISM4343-WBM-L54C and ISM43340-M4G-L44-10C.
Please use the latest version C6.2.1.8.

Our current capacity is 500,000 units/month and please contact us if you have questions.

Yes, Please find details HERE.

Yes, we provide a patch you need to install in your WICED sdk to properly configure the Inventek modules.

Patches are located HERE

Pin Options for WICED Development HERE

Either JTAG or UART can be used to program the module.

JTAG is faster and Inventek uses Olimex for external JTAG.

The procedure and options are documented  Here:


ISM43362-M3G-L44 RAM 128KB FLASH 1MB We recommend the ISM4343-WBM-L54C as a replacement for the ISM43362-M3G-L44

ISM4343-WBM-L54 RAM 256KB FLASH 1MB plus additional SPI FLASH 2MB

ISM43340-WBM-L44-10 RAM 128KB+64KB (Core Coupled Memory) FLASH 1MB plus Optional SPI FLASH 2MB (Note – SPI FLASH is not available when using SPI Host interface)
Attached is document that shows which pins can be used for CAN.

The USB Host interface is not supported on the above modules.
WICED does support USB on CYW43907 but the this chip does not support CAN.

Yes, The hardware is the exact same for both UART and SPI modules.

You should have JTAG connected to our module and you can flash the module with SPI or UART firmware.

Below is an example of a way to use our CZ (fast connect command) to implement your desire to control connection to either 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz.
To make the ISM43340 module connect to a 2.4 GHZ or a 5 GHz access point with the same SSID, use this Fast Connect Command (‘CZ’).

Firmware release C6.2.1.8 or newer.

‘CZ’ command (Fast Connect)
Usage: CZ= or
band: 0=5GHz, 1=2.4Ghz
channel: 1-14, 36-165
bssid: xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
When enabled the 1st connect scans for the SSID and gets the additional data to speed up subsequent connections.
Note: data is not stored in non-volatile memory, must re-issued if module is reset or power cycled.

In this case we are manually setting parameters.
> C1=ism_demo //SSID name
> CZ=1 //Enable Fast Connect
> F0 //Removed unrelated access points for all scans
#010,”ism_demo”,20:AA:4B:93:84:8B,-37,144.4,Infrastructure,WPA2 Mixed,2.4GHz,11
#014,”ism_demo”,20:AA:4B:93:84:8C,-51,144.4,Infrastructure,WPA2 Mixed,5GHz,165
> CZ=1,11, 20:AA:4B:93:84:8B //Setup for 2.4 GHz
> C0
[JOIN ] ism_demo,,0,0
> F0 //Scan starts with the current connected channel
#001,”ism_demo”,20:AA:4B:93:84:8B,-41,144.4,Infrastructure,WPA2 Mixed,2.4GHz,11
#013,”ism_demo”,20:AA:4B:93:84:8C,-50,144.4,Infrastructure,WPA2 Mixed,5GHz,165
> CD
> CZ=0,165, 20:AA:4B:93:84:8C //Setup for 5 GHz
> C0
[JOIN ] ism_demo,,0,0
> F0 // Scan starts with the current connected channel
#001,”ism_demo”,20:AA:4B:93:84:8C,-47,144.4,Infrastructure,WPA2 Mixed,5GHz,165
#019,”ism_demo”,20:AA:4B:93:84:8B,-39,144.4,Infrastructure,WPA2 Mixed,2.4GHz,11
> CD
> F0
#018,”ism_demo”,20:AA:4B:93:84:8B,-38,144.4,Infrastructure,WPA2 Mixed,2.4GHz,11
#024,”ism_demo”,20:AA:4B:93:84:8C,-51,144.4,Infrastructure,WPA2 Mixed,5GHz,165

ISM43340-M4G-L44-10CF or 10F
The C = chip antenna
The U = U.fl for external antenna connection
The F = 2MB extra Flash
The p/n for the external antenna is ISM43340-M4G-L44-10U or UF.

The module is capable of supporting 1-14, 20 MHz bandwidth.

Yes, firmware Version 6.2.18 or greater

Please review the user on how to use the PG commands. For example:


Attached is a Python demo on how to connect to Amazon AWS using the AT commands:

We have developed special firmware for this purpose.
Attached is the firmware and documentation wth the commands.
EMC Compliance Testing
ISM43340 Test Console firmware

Download the latest firmware here:


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