The IWIN AT Command firmware can be uploaded to your module or evaluation board using the following procedure.      OTA requires that your module has external flash attached to the module for upgrades. See how to OTA updates for more information. Some eS-WiFi modules have flash on boar for OTA.

The latest firmware available for the ISM43362-M3G-L44 with UART or SPI host interface.

  • ISM43362-M3G-L44-C3.5.2.5   UART Firmware (unzip for bin file)
  • ISM43362-M3G-L44-SPI-C3.5.2.5   SPI Firmware (unzip for bin file)
  • New STM32L4 Discovery kit IoT node (B-L475E-IOT01A) ISM43362-M3G-L44-SPI-C3.5.2.5.STM SPI Firmware (unzip for bin file)

Find the latest firmware available here for the ISM43340-M4G-Lxx UART or SPI host interface:

  • ISM4334x-M4G-L44-C3.5.2.5   UART Firmware (unzip for bin file)
  • ISM4334x-M4G-L44-SPI-C3.5.2.5   SPI Firmware (unzip for bin file ) readme Updates.txt IWIN Command Updates.txt

Archive versions can be found on the link below:

Archive Firmware Download

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