Firmware Upgrades

How to Update your eS-WiFi module Firmware on the evaluation board?

Use the procedure documented in the eS-WiFi Demo Software Help Guide (pdf).

Here is a link to a short video also showing this procedure (video) using the eS-Wi-Fi evaluation PC demo software download here   (Note: Install and run as Admin on your PC)

Note: Once you have updated your firmware you should also reset the flash to factory defaults using the “ZR”  AT command. You can Find the latest firmware at eS-Wifi Released Firmware.

Updating Firmware on Assembled Modules

For modules that are already assembled on a printed circuit board or carrier board, there are two options available to update your module.

  1. Use a JTAG 10 pin header or directly connect to the JTAG pins on the board. Use the ST-LINK/V2 Debugger/Programmer to flash the STMicroelectronics microcontroller.

Below are links to the ST-Link and JTAG header at Digi-key:

The 10-to-20 pin JTAG adapter module is Digi-Key PN 726-1193-ND

  1. You can also update the STMicroelectronics microcontroller over the UART with the AT firmware update command “ZU”.
    1. Run the following ST utility to use the built-in boot loader on STM32F205. – Start Flash Loader Demo
    2. Issue a “ZU”AT  command which will start the Firmware update.
    3. Control of the eS-WiFi module Boot 0  (pin 33) of the L44 footprint will enable on board micro boot loader. This is not required for the update, however it is a good idea to control this pin if you need to force the module to go into boot loader mode.

Over the Air (OTA) Updates

Firmware 2.5 or greater supports over the air updates.  Your design requires that you have connected and external flash memory device off the SPI device for this update. By adding a jumper to enable the SPI flash on the eS-WIFI EVB’s you can test OTA.

ZO – OTA Firmware Update URL

Set the OTA firmware update URL, return number of bytes received from host and then performs the OTA update. It can be used with your cloud service . The URL is in the form http://<domain or IP address>:<port>/<file path> . Can us either a 1MB or a 2MB SPI Flash device. If a 1MB SPI Flash is used there is no backup Factory Application to restore if need be.

Use the letter At command “ZO”   ZO=<Number of bytes>\r<URL up to 128 characters>


Note that the update firmware is different than the standard firmware image. The update firmware only updates the application and will not change any of the parameters you may have saved in user space.

Please see user guide for details.


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