eS-WiFi PC Demo Software

The Demo software is a PC (x86) application that allows customers to test out the IWIN AT commands on our EVB’s over a VCOM port. This demo supports all of the Inventek eS-Wifi modules in the L44 and L54 footprint.

PC Demo Software 

eS-WiFi PC Demo 

Procedure to Install our Demo Software (Software Drivers, Firmware Updates) on your PC for the serial to Wi-Fi modules, such ISM43362-M3G-EVB Evaluation Board . 

Demo Software Help 

BEFORE you plug the evb board into your computer download and install the eS-WiFi PC demo software and Drivers on your PC. Run as Administrator.

The evaluation boards have two USB com ports.

1. USB-JTAG ( connects to the eS-WiFi modules JTAG port for firmware updates)
2. USB serial port ( Connects to the modules UART to run IWIN AT Commands)

The USB interface provides power as well as individual programming and UART interfaces to the host processor on the serial to Wi-Fi modules.

The FTDI USB driver for the ISM43362-M3G-EVB Evaluation Board is provided in the above download. Once you install the above software you can select Menu>Install Drivers on the eS-WiFi Demo to pre-install the drivers then plug-in the board.
Download the IWIN AT Command Quick start guide and the IWIN AT Command Users Manual to start testing:

Use the eS-WiFi demo software setup menu to configure the UART. (Setup – Serial Port – Configure/Open)

Serial Com port from Device Manager , e.g. COM22
Set Baud rate to 115,200
8 Data bits, 1 Stop bit , Parity None, and Flow control None

Press the white reset button on the ISM43362-M3G-EVB evaluation board and the following will appear:

The AT Command is loaded on the ISM43362-M3G-EVB.
Type ? to view the available commands.

The PC application has drop down menus to run most of the AT commands.

A few tricks to keep in mind when testing.

1. If you enter the “C0, C1,.. commands and close the application and re-open it the application will save your router settings so you just need the join command “C0”.

2. If you change the UART baud rate remember to use the “Z1” commands to save the UART setting so on reboot the eS-WiFi module boots at the new baud rate.

3. “A0” is a blocking function. You can try “AD”.

4. Sending big packets is better than smaller .. Throughput is effected by packet size. ~ 0.5 Mbs for UART is max

5. If you want high data throughput you need to use SPI. You can connect your micro SPI bus the headers on the evb and please read the manual since our SPI requires the use of a DataRDY command to optimize performance.

Note: You have an option to use any free PC terminal applications like Teraterm or Hercules and setup the serial port Set Baud rate to 115,200
8 Data bits, 1 Stop bit , Parity None, and Flow control None

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